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The Korean Tea Story

A Royal Tradition

First introduced to the royal court as a gift to the Kingdom during the Silla dynasty, tea has provided inspiration, comfort, and solace to Korean royalty, nobles, and monks alike for nearly 2,000 years.
Having endured the hardships of the past, Korea's tea traditions are a testament to the resolute nature of Korean culture and its everlasting dedication to excellence.
Renowned for their incredible quality, delicate taste, and complex aromas, Korean teas are the gold standard by which all other teas should be judged.

The Farms

Jeju Island

Boseong Jirisan

The slopes of the hallowed mount Hallasan are host to our single-estate Jeju Island teas. Grown in fertile volcanic soil and caressed by the gentle sea breeze, our teas from Jeju Island are smooth, delectable, and have pleasantly subtle marine notes.

In Korea's southernmost regions sits the home of our single-estate Boseong teas. Surrounded by glorious mountain peaks, tranquil lakes, and a peaceful river, our Boseong teas are adorned by a blanket of mist each spring morning. The result is a luxurious single-estate that is sure to bring tranquility to your day.

The second tallest mountain in Korea, Mount Jiri is the birthplace of Korea's tea growing tradition, with the first seeds planted on its hallowed slopes. Home to some of Korea's most revered tea plantations, the mountain is also home to the same monks who have enjoyed, perfected, and protected Korea's tea traditions in their magnificent monasteries for over a millennia.

How Korean Tea is Different

Korea's tea culture has remained loyal to its centuries-old traditions, remaining dedicated to serving only the highest quality teas. With harvesting techniques that have been passed down through the generations, the finest quality teas remain hand chosen and hand-processed.

The result is an outstanding, highly exclusive, and decadent tea that has become renowned worldwide for its quality.

Grown amidst the most magnificent coastal mountains and harvested with the same care and attention to detail as they were 2,000 years ago, Korea's tea attracts the most discerning of tea drinkers. Taste the teas that are winning awards globally today.