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About Durumi

A symbol of peace, purity, and longevity. 
Durumi is the Korean name for the red-crested crane. Revered by the Seonbi, the senior advisors to the throne, Durumi remains an important symbol in Korean society today, and currently adorns the five-hundred won coin.

Our Philosophy

True to our roots, we strive to provide only the very finest tea 
Korea has to offer. By providing our teas in a modern, luxurious, and easy-to-enjoy form, Durumi is introducing Korea's beautiful tea culture & powerful history to the globe.

Durumi Cares

At Durumi Tea we aim to promote a deeper understand of Korean culture, language, and history throughout the globe. That is why we are establishing Durumi Cares - an initiative to support Korean Language Learning programs throughout Canada, and provide grants to young artists in Canada with Korea-related projects. Please follow us on social media to learn how we are helping to promote Korean culture by supporting an entire generation of artisans and language learners.